La Sardegna e il fenomeno set-jetting: “La Sirenetta” promuove l’isola per l’estate 2023

Sardinia and the set-jetting phenomenon: “The Little Mermaid” promotes the island for summer 2023

“The Little Mermaid” enchants and explodes bookings for the summer in Sardinia

The new Disney live-action movie filmed in the beautiful setting of Sardinia gets an overwhelming success and attracts tourists to the island.

On May 24th, the “Little Mermaid” was released in Italian cinemas, the new version curated by director Rob Marshall, with actors and computer-generated images, of the famous Disney animated musical of 1989.

The film, which reworks the famous original story with an eye on diversity and inclusion, is a contemporary fairy tale where the young protagonist Ariel, played by singer and actress Halle Balley, breaks the rules and embarks on a journey of self-discovery in the world of humans, totally different from her and with whom it would be forbidden to interact.

She saves Prince Eric from a shipwreck and the two fall in love. The two will have to face difficulties and challenges to stay together, including Ursula, the sea witch, who takes advantage of the situation to conquer the marine kingdom.

The overwhelming success quickly came: with almost 2.9 million euro collected, the live-action conquers the box office at the debut and remains at the top of the ranking even in the last weekend bringing the total collection to touch 8.5 million euros.

Sardinia and the “Little Mermaid effect”: bookings are booming

Much of the filming of the new version of the “Little Mermaid” had as a background the unique and varied views of Sardinia, from the crystal clear waters of the magnificent sea that lap white beaches, with sheltered coves and fabulous bays, to the wildest areas, shaped by mountains and cliffs.

The cast and crew moved for three months between Castelsardo, the area of Santa Teresa di Gallura, Cala Moresca and Golfo Aranci. Also, in Aglientu, Rena Majore Beach is the setting for the iconic scene in which Ariel rescues Prince Eric and emerges from the water on the rock (made specifically for the film).

And the phenomenon of “set-jetting” was immediately triggered. This is the tendency to choose as holiday destinations precisely those magnificent places that fascinated us while watching a movie or a TV series.

The “Little Mermaid”, therefore, promotes the beautiful Sardinia and the data are unequivocal: according to the British news site Daily Mail, “thanks to the success of the film shot right on the island, between Castelsardo, Aglientu and Golfo Aranci – the destination “Sardinia” in the search field of the EasyJet Holidays booking site has even seen a surge of 216%”.

Sardinia is truly a fabulous place, from North to South

Sardinia has just been the backdrop to one of the most famous Disney fairy tales and the island itself is a fairy tale: its wonder unfolds from North to South, a millenary land to be discovered and appreciated, rich in landscapes of breath-taking beauty, precious archaeological evidence, centuries-old traditions, natural pools, oases of biodiversity, natural monuments and a sea that fears no comparison.

And the coast is the pride of Southern Sardinia, with long pristine beaches with a tropical soul, ideal backdrops for snorkelling, turquoise coves, fragrant Mediterranean scrub, oaks, and junipers. Cagliari, the island’s capital, is a treasure trove of history, architecture, art, good food and one of the most representative beaches, the popular Poetto Beach.

In such a scenario, holidays become a dream and the perfect opportunity to disconnect from the hectic everyday life and treat yourself to a unique and authentic pleasure.

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Photo credit: @disneyit

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