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Forte Village Sardinia: A resort that becomes more beautiful every year

Forte Village Sardinia: a small paradise in the south of the island. News for the summer of 2019.

After the wonderful history, the Forte Village has just been renovated to surprise its guests with numerous novelties for the coming season.

The resort lies near Santa Margherita di Pula on the southern coast of Sardinia, it’s surrounded by delightful landscapes where you can enjoy white sand beaches and beautiful natural gardens, making Forte Village one of the most exclusive destinations of the Mediterranean.

There are splendid and unforgettable experiences to be had including 8 prestigious hotels, 13 luxury villas and 220000 square meters of tropical gardens.

The unique location guarantees relaxation, fun, and privacy to its guests without compromise.

Forte Village provides both comfort and exciting experiences including luxury swimming pools, a shopping piazza with high fashion boutiques, Sport Academies for the young, delicious gourmet restaurants and many more lively activities for couples and families. A true paradise of relaxation, healthcare, and fun where you can enjoy an unforgettable vacation.

The resort near Santa Margherita di Pula has been totally restyled and renovated over the past four years so as to optimize its services.

After the positive response to the renovations, Forte Village was encouraged to do more: with an investment of no less than 50 million euros, it is now ready to present all the innovations and improvements to its guests.

Forte Village Sardinia: the 10 novelties

Let’s discover which are the 10 main astounding renovations Forte Village resort has introduced:

  1. Piazza Luisa: the shopping center
    Piazza Luisa is already the center of Forte Village nightlife, but with the renovations it has now become much more than a meeting point. The wooden columns that compliment the semi-open spaces make the entire piazza area the ideal place to wander, to enjoy an ice cream or have a coffee in one of the restaurants or the bistros.
    You can try the famous WineBars and the specialities of one of the most renowned pastry shops of Italy while the children enjoy themselves with games and entertainment within the square.
    We are proud of the new “shopping street”, a long walk much like Via della Spiga. The guests can shop in some of the top boutiques of international fashion brands: Gucci, Armani, Versace, Red Valentino, Dsquared, Burberry, Moschino, Stella McCartney, Jacob Cohen and Scervino.
  2. Infinity pool on the terrace of Forte Bay
    One of our most spectacular is without a doubt the breathtaking infinity pool on the Forte Bay terrace at the Hotel Le Dune, which looks out on to the turquoise blue of the Mediterranean Sea.
  3. Hotel Pineta: lagoon-pool at the reception area
    Immersed deep in the ancient pine forest of the Resort, the 5-star Hotel Pineta is one of the most relaxing locations of the entire resort, a true oasis of wellbeing. The Hotel was substantially restyled in 2019 which included a new breakfast area surrounded by Mediterranean pine trees and a lagoon-pool with beautiful water features encircling the reception area. Guests have the impression of arriving on a private island, a heavenly oasis.
  4. Hotel Castello: renovation of the Suites and Executive Mare rooms
    For those that prefer the familiar atmosphere of a Hotel that elegantly combines antique architecture and modern design, the Hotel Castello is the perfect place. The Executive Mare rooms and the exclusive Suites on the fourth and the fifth floors – including the luxurious Reale and the Presidenziale suites – have been completely renovated. Filled with a light they are embellished with products by local artisans in typical Mediterranean style. All the doors of the rooms have been sound-proofed, to guarantee tranquility and relaxation.
  5. Hotel Le Dune: new Suites
    Alongside the construction of the Infinity Pool on the terrace of Forte Bay, the Hotel Le Dune holds many original surprises for its guests. The Forte Village has built new Suites – elegant, exclusive and modern. On the first floor a completely new Suite has been built with a wide terrace facing on to the sea, furnished with luxurious sofas and a lunch area.
  6. New tastes: Michelin-starred chefs and updated restaurants
    To ensure the best dining experience, all the restaurants around the Piscina Oasis have been renovated for the summer of 2019. The famous Forte Grill, the delicious Brazilian and the renowned Ristorante Sardo have all been improved with new recipes and decor. To honor Italian culinary heritage the resort will create an area devoted entirely to gourmet pizza. Also exciting is the arrival of chef Heinz Beck, holder of 3 Michelin stars and among the most renowned chefs in the world, he will open a restaurant in the Resort. Eating at Forte Village has an international flavor: this year traditional Indian cuisine, revisited with a modern touch, was brought by chef Vivek Singh, executive of the Cinnamon Club of London.But that’s not all: the terrace of Forte Bay will again host Celebrity Chef Nights for the summer, with exclusive dishes and recipes prepared by internationally famous chefs. Lastly our new Fish Market Restaurant, with its breath taking view of the sea, is the perfect place to enjoy dishes with freshly caught fish. Thanks to the glass windows surrounding the dining area, the restaurant will remain open for a long season.
  7. New Sport Academy
    The Forte Village Sardegna is the perfect location for those that love sport. After the introduction of the water polo and fencing Academies has been a great success along with the academy of synchronized swimming. All academies are managed by top sportsman, some are sports legends, and offer a unique story to tell your friends.
  8. The new Villas: Villa Elina and Villa Mariam
    In 2019 the resort opened two new luxury villas: Villa Elina and Villa Mariam, taking the number of the villas to 13. The private Villa is ideal for more discerning guests who wish to combine luxury with privacy and relaxation. Each Villa has a garden with a private pool, sitting room areas and a butler available twenty-four hours a day. Also new is the extension of the terrace on the first floor of the gracious Villa Ambra and the addition of a third bedroom.
  9. Ayurvedic medicine in the Acquaforte spa
    The Acquaforte SPA provides courses in meditation given by Doctor Bauhofer, a German doctor specialized in Ayurvedic medicine. These courses aim to increase concentration, body awareness, confidence and reduce anxiety.
  10. Sala dei Cristalli for events and meetings
    The Forte Village is frequently chosen to host international conferences, conventions, meetings, and events. With an enviable Business Center, the structure has hosted conferences of brands such as Ferrari, Porsche, Vodaphone, Audi, Mastercard, Mondadori and Volkswagen. During 2019, Forte Village has expanded the spaces for events and conferences with a magnificent Crystal Hall. The business area, with walls made entirely of glass, can host over 450 people. Besides its glamorous design, Crystal Hall is particularly appreciated for its location within the ancient pine tree forest.

Would you like to have an unforgettable vacation in a true paradise? Come and discover the Forte Village Resort in Sardinia.



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