MICE: restyling the Sala Verde at Forte Village Resort

Sala Verde: an amazing location for meetings and events in Sardinia

Sardinia is the perfect destination for couples dreaming of a wedding on the beach or an unforgettable honeymoon, but the island is also the perfect destination for companies searching for exclusive meeting facilities to host high quality MICE events, such as the Sala Verde of Forte Village.

There are many different factors that transform a MICE activity in to a successful experience, and choosing a unique location like the Sala Verde at Forte Village, the world acclaimed resort in the south of Sardinia, can make the difference.

During the past 4 years, Forte Village has invested 50 million euros in a project to restyle and upgrade all its services, adding to its platform a wide selection of venues including the Sala Verde, near the enchanting Oasis swimming pool, which has been completely renovated, for meetings and product presentations.

The resort is surrounded by the crystalline blue water of the beautiful Sardinian Sea which is complemented by a choice of poolside venues perfect for cocktail parties and evening social events: choose from the three Oasis swimming pools, or the two swimming pools of Baia delle Palme, perhaps the rooftop infinity pool of le Dune or the wonderful heated pools of the Castello.
Just one hour flight from Rome or Milan, one hour and a half from Paris, two hours from London and Frankfurt and four from Moscow, Forte Village is the perfect Mediterranean destination for any kind of trip including special MICE events because of the unique offer, which includes conference venues and eight elegant hotels, thirteen exclusive luxury villas and sixty seven suites for a total of 715 magnificent rooms.

The resort also has an open air amphitheater: the Forte Arena, located beside Forte Village, is able to host special events, the launch of new products for up to 5000 people.
Team building activities, excursions, city tours and diving, a covered Spa and a private Spa, a wide selection of gourmet Michelin starred restaurants and the magnificent Piazza Luisa, the core of the resort’s nightlife, make Forte Village a unique location and the perfect choice for business travelers.

MICE: 3 words of advice for organizing a cocktail party in the Sala Verde of Forte Village Meeting, incentive trips, congresses, exhibitions, are all part of company communication strategies that focus on growing a business and gaining more clients, but these are not the only MICE activities in which companies invest.

Also banquets, gala dinners and cocktail parties contribute socially to teamwork and to the success of a company. At Forte Village Resort in Santa Margherita di Pula, the enchanted coast on the south of Sardinia, the Sala Verde is the ideal place for those wanting to organize elegant receptions and glamorous parties at any time of the year.

Choosing the right location to celebrate a company event is an important factor but not the only one. Here are three words of advice for unforgettable cocktail parties and company dinners.


  • Alternative food: for a buffet or an elegant dinner, the success of an event is influenced greatly by the quality and inspiration of food and the combination with wines and cocktails. Aiming at providing the latest culinary trends is the right solution for those wishing to impress their guests, but there must always be food alternatives to satisfy everyone. Therefore, it is essential to leave space for vegetarian and vegan dishes, ethnic dishes and more traditional flavors and finger food made with biological local products.
  • Entertainment: banquets and cocktail parties represent an occasion for cultivating team spirit, to know new potential clients, retain already existing ones and reinforce business relations. Creating the right atmosphere is fundamental for making everyone comfortable, neglecting entertainment can be a disaster. There are many possibilities: the choice of good live music, an artist exhibition, portrait painters or fun photo booths which give the opportunity of taking home a Polaroid souvenir of the evening.
  • Social Engagement: meaning the engagement between the participants which can occur with just a few expedients: the creation of an official hashtag of the event, the launch of a social contest, sharing foto’s of the event and the preparation of a video wall where the various posts with the official hashtag will appear.

Are you searching for the perfect location to have unforgettable MICE events? Discover the Sala Verde at Forte Village resort in Sardinia.

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