Meeting ed Eventi in Sardegna: le proposte del Forte Village

Meetings and Events in Sardinia: Forte Village’s proposition

Meetings and Events in Sardinia: why you should choose Forte Village

Forte Village is the ideal location for prestigious events in the splendid setting of Santa Margherita di Pula.

Organising a corporate event is a great way to foster good relationships between colleagues and show the strength of the brand to potential customers, existing ones, partners, stakeholders and local institutions.

Even in the age of the internet, digital interactions are not enough: a live event is an important moment of comparison, exchange, and sharing. Is the ideal opportunity to bring out the human face of the company, make yourself known in person and forge a bond with the territory.

The organisation of an event depends largely on the objective that is set and the situation of the company that organises it: for a business that has been operating for years, it can mean strengthening its presence in the sector, consolidating prestige and thus increasing sales volumes, while for a new starter, an event can be a good opportunity to let people know who they are, why they exist and what they can offer the public.

In general, however, meetings and events prove useful for:

  • Networking;
  • Open the doors of the company to the public;
  • Fundraising;
  • Share a report of the actions carried out so far;
  • Present a service and/or product;
  • Offer specific training for professionals.

The types of events that a company can organise

Just as there are many objectives for which a company can decide to organise an event, there are as many types to choose from.

Let’s think, for example, of the celebrations for a goal: it is a special anniversary, a recreational event between colleagues to reward the results achieved, strengthen the sense of belonging and transmit a message of unity and sharing of company guidelines and values in an atmosphere of fun and light-heartedness.

Or, at the launch of a product or service: an engaging event is the winning solution to approach the target audience and establish, in a pleasant setting of relaxation, a dialogue able to create a relationship with the brand and with what it represents instead of a mere “bargaining” between seller and buyer.

Furthermore, congresses and conventions can be organised for team building and training, to share knowledge among members of the same sector, motivate, improve harmony, and increase productivity in a relaxed atmosphere.

There are also meetings dedicated to the higher management section of the company, the so-called “Top Manager Meetings”, events of considerable importance that require an unforgettable context, a strategic position of the location, an extreme quality level of the structure and a very high level of organisational professionalism.

Finally, let’s not forget sporting events of all kinds, with the adrenaline of the race and the emotions of the cheering public.

Why Forte Village is the ideal location for events in Sardinia

On the fabulous south coast of Sardinia, immersed in incomparable naturalistic scenery, Forte Village is the perfect location to organise successful meetings and events.

Just an hour’s flight from the main Italian cities, 50 hectares of beautiful gardens surround and protect the 8 hotels, independent of each other and all with specific characteristics that make them unique. They are all available for the exclusive use of event guests and they all boast large and numerous open spaces that lend themselves to the most varied needs and offer a rich selection of facilities.

Each space in Forte Village, one of the best European destinations for product presentations, car launches, meetings and conferences, can be redesigned and remodelled to adapt to the most varied requests and needs: for example, the main hall of the Congress Centre, which has an extension of 800 square meters, can be divided into two areas.

There are also 4 other large spaces, all equipped with the most advanced technological supports.

There is no shortage of terraces overlooking the clear sea of Sardinia, an area for coffee breaks and exhibitions, restaurants and swimming pools, exceptional for cocktail parties, gala evenings and inimitable dinners.

The new Sala dei Cristalli (with an extension of about 500 square meters)  is a wide-ranging room with sumptuous glass walls that keep intact the pleasant feeling of “open hair” and offer a relaxing view of the fabulous pine forest in which it is immersed.

This is the natural continuation of the Sky Suite inaugurated in 2018, an enviable vantage point in the highest area of the resort from which to enjoy an incredible 360-degree view, from the mountains to the sea.

Sala Verde is also the optimal choice for organising cocktail parties, banquets and successful gala dinners at any time of the year

Another prestigious location is the Forte Arena, a real natural amphitheatre designed in 2016 to be the setting for international shows and great concerts.

Located next to Forte Village and easily accessible by following internal paths, it represents a unique outdoor space in the Mediterranean, 13,000 square meters customisable in all aspects to host the most exclusive events and meetings.

The list is completed by the charming Piazza Luisa, the best place to enjoy an evening of entertainment on the terrace of the Champagnerie with intimate tables.

The square, overlooked by renowned boutiques offers an unparalleled shopping experience, and has always hosted shows, evenings and concerts for unforgettable nights.

Would you like to organise unforgettable and successful meetings and events in an authentic paradise? Discover Forte Village Resort in Sardinia

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