Eros Ramazzotti concert 2019: the dates at Forte Arena

Eros Ramazzotti concert 2019: Vita ce n’è” tour arrives at Forte Arena

Vita ce n’è is the track from Eros Ramanzotti’s new album published the 2nd November 2018, it is also the name of his world tour of Italian and international cities which began 14th February 2019.

The tour started in Mantova and will end in Livorno on the 17th of December, it has the objective of pleasing his fans all over the world and celebrating 35 years of the Roman artist’s career as he continues to entertain with emotion millions of fans across the generations.

Eros Ramazzotti entertained at the Forte Arena on the 10th of August 2019, the suggestive theatre under the starry night sky at Forte Village Resort, a partner in the organization of the event.

Eros Ramazzotti: the story of the most famous Italian artist in the world

Eros Luciano Walter Ramazotti was born in Rome on the 28th of October 1963, he is now one of the most famous Italian singers of Italian light music and has sold 60 million copies of his albums during his life, making him one of the most successful living artists. Ramazotti has had many collaborations with international artists including Tina Turner, Cher, Anastasia, Ricky Martin, Joe Cocker, Andrea Boccelli, Luciano Pavarotti and Luis Fonsi with whom he has a duet in the last album.

Winner of many prizes, the first accomplishments of Eros Ramazzotti were in 1981 when he participated at the Voci Nuove competition at the Festival of Castrocari, this was followed by Un disco per l’estate in 1982 and in 1984 he came first at the Sanremo Festival in which he sang the song Terra Promessa, receiving first place in the section of Nuove Proposte.

In 1985 he participated at the Festival Della canzone Italiana with Una Storia importante and came sixth and also had great success on a discographic level making his first album, Cuori Agitati, which was also released in Spanish.

In 1986 Eros Ramanzotti came first at Sanremo with Adesso tu, that same year he also won Festivalbar with his second album Nuovi Eroi. His international success came soon after, the next years he shared the stage with Elton John, Jimmy Page, Rob Stewart and many more.

Vita ce n’è is his 14th album, a message of hope, an invitation to go on together because “there isn’t just one direction for us”.

Eros Ramazzotti concert 2019: 5 curious facts about his songs

Forte Arena is like a temple surrounded by nature in south Sardinia, an extraordinary open theatre, adjacent to Forte Village Resort, which hosted the world tour Vita ce n’è by Ramazotti on the 10th of August 2019.

The King of Italian pop music has collaborated with important stars of the national and international music scene and has conquered the world with his songs, but what secrets lie within the successful songs of the Roman singer? We will reveal 5 curiosities about some of his most beautiful pieces.

  • Terra Promessa: Eros Ramazzotti won first prize in the Nuove Proposte section at Sanremo with this song in 1984 when he was just 21 years of age.
  • Adesso tu: in 1986 Eros Ramazzotti won first prize in the sezione big with this song which soon became a great classic. In 2010 it was reinterpreted by Giusy Ferreri and Marracash in the single Rivincita, the rapper described this in an interview as “a beautiful piece” and added “I wanted to recite that Italian music which has left a mark in me and doesn’t exist anymore today”.
  • Cose della vita: this song was sung with Tina Turner and is part of the album Tutte le Storie from 1993, the videoclip was made by Spike Lee, his first collaboration with a European artist.
  • Stella Gemella: is the second song in the Dove c’è musica album from 1996. The song’s video was directed by Giuseppe Tornatore, a director awarded at the Oscars. Meanwhile, in 2000 the verse “Dove sarai anima mia senza di te mi butto via dove sarai anima bella stella gemella dove sarai” was used by the Italian pop rap group I Gemelli Diversi in the song Anima Gemella.
  • Un’emozione per sempre: this song was written for Alex Baroni, but after the death of the Milanese songwriter at only 35 years of age in a car accident, Ramanzotti included it in his album 9 released in 2003, as a tribute to the departed songwriter.

Tour Vita ce n’è”: here are the other dates of the tour

Milan, Turin, Rome, Verona, Taormina, Florence, Ancona e Rimini: here are all the dates of Ramazzotti’s tour in Italian cities:

  • 2nd March, Turin, Pala Alpitour
  • 5,6,8,9, March, Milan, Mediolanum Forum
  • 12,13,15,16 March, Rome, Palazzo dello Sport
  • 16th July, Lucca, Lucca Summer Festival
  • 3,4,6 August, Taormina, Teatro Antico
  • 10th August, Forte Village Resort, Forte Arena
  • 11,12,14 September, Verona, Arena
  • 26th November, Bolzano, Palaonda
  • 29th November, Rimini, RDS Stadium
  • 3rd December, Ancona, Pala Prometeo
  • 6th December, Eboli (SA), PalaSele
  • 14th December, Florence, Mandela Forum
  • 17th December, Livorno, PalaModigliani

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