Total Body Workout: why do it and what are the benefits?

Total Body Workout: why do it and what are the benefits?

Total Body Workout: what it is and why to practice it

A Total Body workout exercises the whole body in a single session reaping important benefits 

A Total Body work-out is one of the most effective trainings that can be carried out both in the gym and at home. The reason is easy to say, it is a work-out that involves all muscle groups bringing many benefits to each area.

This includes the use of cardio fitness machines and small and large fitness equipment. It is composed of a mix of exercises: dynamic, static, strength, muscle definition and functional balance.

In a single session, a Total Body workout combines both strength and aerobic exercises transitioning from weights to cardio fitness machines, from functional exercises to callisthenics exercises.

This type of training increases cardiovascular and physical endurance, promotes muscle strengthening and growth, sculpts the body, reduces fat mass and improves strength, balance and speed.

Total Body workouts can be adapted according to individual needs and fitness levels.

The training techniques are varied:

  • Circuit training;
  • Aerobic exercises that increase the heart rate at 60% to 80% of maximum levels with or without the help of cardio fitness machines;
  • Free Weight exercises or with other functional tools;
  • Targeted Muscle exercises with specific fitness machines;
  • Body weight exercises in which the weight of the body is used as a load.

Regular practice and the variety of exercises involving different muscle groups in a single training session are a panacea for the body and mind.

A typical session lasts about an hour and consists of three main phases: warm-up, training, stretching and cool-down.

The benefits of Total Body workout and who it is suitable for

Consistent practice and the combination of different fitness techniques during a total body training session result in effective and lasting results and numerous benefits. General physical condition is visibly improved at all levels including cardiovascular and respiratory.

Total body exercises not only result in weight loss, reactivated circulation, reduced water retention and cellulite, toned legs, arms, buttocks and abs muscles but also increased self-esteem and outlook of own physical appearance and improved physical and mental well-being.

This complete workout is suitable for both men and women, perfect for those who want to stay in shape, lose weight and include all muscle groups in the exercise sessions without excessive stress on the body.  Moreover, when carefully designed according to individual needs, there are no known contraindication. Sessions can be carried out either individually or in groups, in the gym or at home.

On the other end, this type of training is not ideal for those looking for great muscle mass growth since the workouts are not targeted enough and it would take too long to lead the muscles to the appropriate stress levels.

Keeping fit with a Total Body workout session in the beautiful setting of the Forte Village Resort

Forte Village, the award-winning resort in the South of Sardinia is the perfect place to enjoy a fabulous holiday in the name of maximum relaxation, comfort and privacy. The resort boasts an extraordinary gym, a true temple of fitness, an oasis of well-being surrounded by greenery where to practice sports and get back in shape in an evocative atmosphere just a few steps from a crystal clear sea and the white beaches of the island.  

Fully equipped and complete with all amenities, the gym offers its guests two floors of latest generation fitness machines. The spaces are specifically designed to promote maximum concentration during workouts: the large windows that open onto the idyllic surrounding landscape let in beneficial natural light throughout the day.

Group trainings are available in the “Fitzone” in the Sport Area, these include Total Body workouts,  aquagym and light Pilates courses (morning stretching).

The Forte Village Resort is the ideal destination for a holiday full of wellness and relaxation thanks to its many fitness, medical and beauty programs that include, just to name a few, shiatsu massage, thalassotherapy, muscle rebalancing and antiaging treatments.

Would you like to experience the benefits of the Total Body workout and enjoy a dream holiday in a true paradise? Book your stay at Forte Village Resort in Sardinia

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