10 tips to strengthen the immune system

10 tips to strengthen the immune system

How to boost your immune system

To maintain perfect health, it is important to strengthen the immune system, here are some useful tips.

When the seasons change and the temperatures drop, it is easier to catch the well-known “seasonal ailments”: colds, flu, sore throat …

The old motto “prevention is better than cure” applies here and it becomes essential to put in place a series of actions to keep the immune system healthy and increase defences to successfully fight pathogens.

The sooner we take these precautions, the lower the risk of contracting infections and diseases.

Just a few targeted preventative measures are enough, here are 10 to apply immediately.

Proper and quality nutrition is key

Good nutrition needs to be put first as the best way to strengthen the immune system is linked to our eating habits and the food we choose every day. A balanced, healthy and varied diet provides the essential elements to support the immune system. The advice is to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables as these are rich in vitamins (A, C and B6) and folic acid. Nuts, legumes, cereals, fish, dairy products and meat should be introduced regularly as they contain iron, copper, zinc, selenium, vitamin B12 and vitamin D. Food should always be fresh and in season, as during processing, it could lose valuable nutrients.

Take, if necessary, specific supplements

In case of nutritional deficiencies, on medical advice, food supplements can be of help. Although they won’t replace a varied diet, they can intervene where there is an increased need or when the body is not properly supplied with the essential nutrients it needs.

Say goodbye to stress

In our everyday life, full of commitments, it is not always easy but reducing stress is essential to improve the immune system. It is important to remember to listen to the body’s needs by carving out breaks and rest periods between one activity and another and rely on practices such as yoga, meditation or autogenic training. 

Exercise regularly

A sedentary lifestyle can be damaging to health while regular exercise helps to stimulate circulation, increase resistance to stress and strengthen the immune system. Depending on age and physical condition, it is useful to provide a moderate daily workout of at least half an hour a day, preferably outdoors.

A good night’s sleep

To increase the immune system, quality sleep is indispensable. It is proven that, while we sleep, the number of immune cells that our body uses to raise a barrier against viruses and bacteria increases. An average duration of 7-8 hours is ideal for keeping fit.

Sun and Vitamin D

Let’s not forget the importance of being outdoors and catching some sun rays thus, filling up on Vitamin D, which is essential for the proper functioning of the immune system. Especially during the winter season, our natural production of Vitamin D is often insufficient due to the low intensity of sunlight and prolonged stay indoors. Because of this, in addition to taking supplements on doctor’s advice, it becomes essential to spend as much time as possible outside. Sunshine is an immediate mood booster!

Bring the fresh air indoors

As we just mentioned, in the winter months we spend most of our time at home or in indoor work environments. To prevent the mucous membranes of the throat and nose from experiencing dryness due to the low humidity of closed rooms, the advice is to regularly ventilate the rooms for about ten minutes at least three times a day.

Hydrate properly

Hydration plays a key role in preserving the natural protective barriers of our body: it is important to drink at least a litre and a half up to two litres of liquids a day, mixing water, if desired, with unsweetened herbal teas or diluted fruit juices.

Limit alcohol consumption and smoking

Excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco weakens the immune system: it would be preferable to drink alcohol in moderation and stop smoking.

Proper hygiene is essential

Protection from pathogens also requires proper hygiene: washing hands with soap and water several times a day for at least 30 seconds is the first rule to remember. For extra help, when a sink is not available, hand sanitiser gel can be used.

Forte Village Resort’s Immune System Strengthening Program

Forte Village is an award-winning resort in the South of Sardinia where to enjoy a wonderful holiday full of relaxation, comfort and privacy. Its guests can take advantage of a program to strengthen the immune system divided into two paths, “Immuno Detox” and “Immuno Anti Age”.

Immuno Detox is a program that offers medical supervision, specialist consultations and therapeutic treatments aimed at strengthening the immune system and maintaining psychophysical balance.

The 3-day program includes:

  • Cardiological examination;
  • Personalised daily thalassotherapy program;
  • 3 sessions of Cryosauna;
  • 3 Detox body treatments (1 Thalasso Massage, 1 Sea Mud Treatment, 1 Draining Massage).

Immuno Anti Age is a program that offers medical supervision, specialist consultations and aesthetic treatments aimed at strengthening the immune system while providing anti-ageing benefits and mind & body holistic care.

The 3-day program includes:

  • Cardiological examination;
  • Personalised daily thalassotherapy program;
  • 3 sessions of Cryosauna;
  • 2 face & body treatments (1 Cryotherapy with sea oil and aloe bandages, 1 Oxygen therapy for the face);
  • 1 Yoga session with a private instructor.

Would you like to experience the benefits of the Immune System Strengthening Program and enjoy a fabulous holiday in an authentic paradise? Book your stay at Forte Village Resort in Sardinia

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