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Sport training: what it is and how to do it

Sport training: all you need to know

Staying fit is important also when on holiday. At Forte Village you can work out daily with athletic trainers in the Power Center, at the Acquaforte Spa, where training for many excellent sports is available for amateurs or professionals wanting to perfection their form.

Sport training refers to a regular process of conditioning the human body to adapt to physical effort and progressively improve the athletes capability.

Training foresees the repetition of physical activity during a defined time so to strengthen the organism with exercises of different intensity and prepare the individual for better performance during a competition.

Not only professional and amateur sportsman have beneficial effects from training. Before investigating the other categories we should point out two kinds of sports training: competitive sports and wellness sports.

Professional and amateur sportsman, children and teenagers, seniors, sedentary people because of their jobs or those who have endured long periods under medical treatment and rehabilitation, need to define different objectives and choose a training category best suited to their needs.

While training, the individual undertakes a conditional and coordinated physical challenge to improve and maintain their performance by frequently exercising. Conditional capacities include strength, resistance, speed and flexibility, while coordinative abilities are those controlled by the central nervous system meaning: balance, coordination, capacity to differentiate, orientation, anticipation, adaptation, sense of rhythm. Not to be forgotten, doing sport also improves the psychic and relational sphere of the individual.

Let’s now discover what is expected from sport training and what are the basic principles.

Sport training: the principles you need to know to practice it well

Sport training has an influence on homeostasis, the physiological balance of the organism.

The act of restoration sets in motion a process of super compensation which occurs each time the muscle tissue is under stress/effort called the catabolic phase, afterwards there is an anabolic phase in which the muscle relaxes and adapts to a bigger size than that at the beginning of the work out.

In this way the athletic capacities improve and the body learns how to cope with the physical stress caused by training.

An efficient sport training needs to have these characteristics:

  • Constancy: training must be regular and consisting of different physical efforts, with short periods of rest so not to loose the progress achieved.
  • Variety: training foresees a variety of different exercises so the individual does not loose interest.
  • Regularity: the sequence of training sessions mustn’t be casually organized.
  • Periodicity: a good session is made of different cycles each made of exercises with different intensities.
  • Personalization: training must be personalized and based on each individuals physical and psychological capacities and needs.

Each workout must be alternate, have a progressive increase of the physical effort and undertake a personal program with exercises under these notions:

  • General: do not have a direct connection with the discipline but are useful for maintaining physical conditions.
  • Specific: have a direct connection with the discipline and are useful for the development of specific technical capacities.
  • Agonistic: are exercises strongly connected to the discipline and are useful to improve the performance during competitions.

Sport training: why it is good for children and teenagers

A sedentary lifestyle isn’t good for adults or for children who often pass their days in front of television or a computer and have the tendency to consume unhealthy snacks leading to be overweight.

Therefore doing sports and having a healthy alimentation is extremely important in young people since it doesn’t only have effect their physical form, it also influences their emotional state by reducing anxiety and stress, it helps combat apprehension and prevents aggressive or violent behavior.

Practicing sports can teach young people sacrifice, respect for others, loyalty and confidence in themselves. For this reason it is important not to put aside ones sport training even when on vacation. At Forte Village the Sport Academies provide the right situation to grow, go beyond personal limits and live an unforgettable experience.

From football to tennis, from basketball to swimming, through fencing and dance, choosing to attend our Sport Academies means participating in personalized training sessions, receiving useful tips to improve the technique in team and individual sports and having as coaches some of the greatest international champions of different disciplines.

Doing sport in vacation doesn’t mean renouncing your relax: an adequate sport training doesn’t only help us feel better, it also improves our moments of rest. 

Alternating a run, a game of tennis, an hour of swimming or a workout in the gym with a massage session with Ayurvedic oil, a few hours on the beach or a day in the SPA is the right way to enjoy your well-deserved holidays and get back in shape. 

Do you want to immerse yourself in the beauty of Sardinia and have an unforgettable vacation with sport, wellbeing, relax and flavor? Discover Forte Village Resort In Sardinia.


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