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Regina Fortunato and non invasive aesthetic medicine

Regina Fortunato: aesthetic medicine at Forte Village

Nature and luxury are keywords for everyone wanting to have a regenerating vacation away from stress. Relaxation is achieved by taking care of your body and at Forte Village Regina Fortunato makes sure that guests are looked after for innovative non-invasive aesthetic medical treatments. Doctor Regina Fortunato is a specialist in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, she studied in Italy and abroad, learning the most innovative techniques in surgery and aesthetic medicine. She is now leading BAC, Surgery and Aesthetic medicine center, with other colleagues at la Casa di Cura Villa Stuart in Rome.

According to Doctor Fortunato, aesthetic medicine has become of great support to aesthetic surgery because “psychophysical wellbeing is also conditioned by small corrections on the face and body, making people serene and have a better relationship with themselves and with others within the family or in a social or work environment”

At Forte Village in Sardinia, Doctor Regina Fortunato coordinates the staff at the Centro di Medicina Estetica located in the Acquaforte Spa, which offers guests at the resort innovative treatments infusing the face with energy, eliminating age marks and leaving the skin luminous and tight with cosmetic treatments using the latest technology resulting in a special high-tech beauty cure.

Regina Fortunato: exclusive interview at Forte Village

Feeling better with ourselves and being happier is the main objective of aesthetic medicine, in the Centro di Medicina Estetica  at forte Village Resort there are regenerating experiences for the body: the summer medicine.

Regina Fortunato is responsible for the wellbeing of our guests and will explain what aesthetic medicine is and why a vacation that includes taking care of the body, relaxing in unspoilt nature or white soft sand beaches embraced by crystalline water is the right choice.

Doctor, what is summer medicine?

You can have aesthetic medicine anywhere at anytime but there are some treatments that are most efficient during summertime. Let’s think about everything that could make our vacation richer in a physical and psychological way, apart from repairing damages caused by the sun and heat.

Give us some examples.

We have vanguard machinery in our center, adequate for reducing cellulite, to tone the body, compact the tissues, reduce body fat, smooth out wrinkles, fight water retention and reduce typical problems that occur during summertime.

Non invasive treatments which do not have any contraindication with summer activities, such as sun bathing, jumping into the water, doing sport and of course treating yourself with all the services offered at the beautiful Spa at Forte Village, including thalassotherapy and massages with Ayurvedic oils.

Do many people choose this kind of vacation?

More than you would think. Once you understand how, you can enrich your vacation not only with a physical impact but also with mental wellbeing and psychological benefits.

I want to tell you about a lady who always refused to have any kind of aesthetic intervention because she was afraid. But when she came to the Spa she stopped to talk to us and realized how minimally invasive our treatments are. Since then, she wanted to try them all. Before returning home she stopped by to thank us for making her vacation truly unforgettable.

Unfortunately it often happens that people think these techniques are invasive and they are afraid of them. This is not the case.

In that case, could you explain more?

Well, we could start with ultheray, the first lifting not involving surgery? You only need one appointment, there is no need for scalpels or needles, recovery time is 0 and the results are obvious and progressive: it’s a lifting done with micro-focused ultrasounds that regenerate the skin in depth, toning, compacting and smoothing.

Or the sculpsure? Also a non invasive system to remodel the body by reducing excess fat in various zones, like the abdomen, hips, legs, arms and also under the chin by reducing and firming giving extraordinary results.

There are also carboxytherapy, velashape, propulsion of oxygen and more.

These are all hi-tech, very effective and I repeat, not at all invasive.

Would you like to be immersed in the beauty of the Sardinian sea and have an unforgettable vacation in a true paradise full of wellness, relax and taste? Discover Forte Village Resort In Sardinia.


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