Private Spa: 10 reasons why it is the ultimate romantic area

Private Spa for two: an exclusive area for couples on vacation

Happiness with a partner or even if you are single, cannot succeed without relaxation if you wish to give your partner, or yourself, a regenerating experience you should try the Private Spa. This spa, located within the main Acquaforte Spa, is truly a temple of rest and beauty, a place where you can forget all your problems and have an unforgettable relaxing experience with the perfect combination of healing water and wellness treatments.

All we need is a weekend in paradise to become more positive and eliminate all the accumulated psychophysical tensions, re-establishing peace and tranquility to face our frenetic lives with harmony. Health and pampering are a winning combo, they are the objective of these sanctuaries, where multi-sensorial experiences made of colors and perfumes are the perfect medicine against anxiety and daily issues, helping us to regain the natural balance of the organism.

If you want to organize a trip with your other half, dedicated to culture and unspoiled nature, without forgetting relaxing moments of wellness, the Private Spa is the ideal and exclusive solution for a stimulating vacation, the perfect choice if you want to celebrate a special occasion or if you simply want to spend one-to-one time with your partner.

Private Spa: 10 reasons for choosing it

Switching off, forgetting about stress, not thinking about anything and giving yourself an extraordinarily relaxing experience able to nourish both your body and mind and magically make negativity disappear.

This is not a dream, it is the truth of the Private Spa where you can regenerate mind and spirit with the power of healing water and other wellness treatments which contribute to recuperating your physical health and balance your organism.

Does insomnia and anxiety bother you? Have physical and mental fatigue consumed your energy? We all need breaks, and the Private Spa is the perfect Oasis of silence and tranquility for relieving yourself and taking care of your body and mind with positive results.

For couples, the Private Spa is ideal for a honeymoon, a relaxing weekend, or for a vacation being pampered and sharing quality time with your partner. Even one day in the Spa can be a good place to organize a private evening hen or bachelor party, or even for giving a gift to a special person.

Here are ten reasons for choosing Private Spa and regaining physical and mental energy.

1) Privacy: choosing the Private Spa means having utter privacy and immersing yourself in an elegant atmosphere, surrounded by a beautiful garden like the one at Acquaforte Spa, the wellness area at Forte Village Resort in Sardinia. The perfect place for couples, families and small groups of friends, up to ten, the Private area of 300m² has a separate entrance, changing rooms, hammam, sauna, treatment rooms, solarium, and three swimming pools, plus wellness treatments, the gym, and other services.

2) Time together: often it’s not the lack of feelings or our will which doesn’t permit us to spend time together, mostly it’s our frenetic everyday lifestyle, full of work appointments and commitments of all sorts. Every couple needs to find a connection again and rediscover the pleasure of spending time together, this is why the Private Spa is the Kingdom of romance.

3) Forgetting about the world: would you like to switch off for a while and forget about city stress, but you only have a few days and cannot commit to going to the Maldives? It’s not necessary to go to the other side of the world to share some quality time with your partner, far away from everything and everyone, your secret retreat of wellness is the Private Spa. A cure-all for couples wanting to share relaxing moments in total tranquility.

4) Dialogue: often the dialogue of a couple is reduced to a simple exchange of daily information caused by exhaustion from work and too many commitments. A Private Spa is both the right choice for a regenerating trip and also an occasion for dedicating time to your life as a couple.

5) Intimacy: would you like to surprise your partner? Instead of organizing a romantic dinner in your favorite restaurant two minutes away from home, surprise them with a weekend in a fabulous location with access to the Private Spa and enjoy romantic moments together like the Hammam, the ancient ritual to purify the body and mind mentioned even by Sherazade in One thousand and one nights.

6) Listen to your heart: we are constantly surrounded by noise, but life also needs silence and tranquility, the Private spa is the perfect environment to fight stress and have unforgettable moments with the one we love. A couple’s massage, sauna, emotional showers, and wellness treatments are the quintessence of relaxing for everyone wishing to have romantic moments with their partner.

7) Wellbeing for two: the Private Spa is the perfect oasis of peace for regenerating your body and discovering the virtues of Thalassotherapy with your partner. You can immerse yourself in the silence of the thalassotherapy circuit at Forte Village Resort with three different baths: sea oil at 37°-38°degrees, sea water jacuzzi at 35°-36°degrees and the high density marine bath at 36°-37° degrees. The concentration of magnesium salt and the high temperature in the bath of sea oil at 37°-38°, helps drain and detox, meanwhile the sea water jacuzzi at 35°-36° stimulates microcirculation from the base of your feet up to the abdomen and your back. The high density marine water bath at 36°-37° stimulates the elimination of toxins and contributes to relaxing the muscles.

8) Regaining harmony: harmony is often put to the test within a couple because of everyday routine, so letting yourself be taken away by the magical atmosphere of the Private Spa is ideal for sharing emotions with your partner and letting yourself be pampered with the reinvigorating treatments for both body and mind. Try a massage with Ayurvedic oil for eliminating toxins and balancing the spirit.

9) Couples work out: if you are a sporty couple who doesn’t want to give up their training while on vacation, try the benefits of the Private spa with access to the gym? At Forte Village Resort this is an option, the Performance Center and Gym is equipped for any kind of workout or need of the guests, the activities are combined, if desired, with thalassotherapy.

10) Less flowers, spa: have you forgotten an important anniversary or the birthday of your partner? Instead of the usual bouquet or a fashionable present why not aim at emotions and choose to have an experience together like a weekend in a Private Spa where you can find tranquility, be yourself and be easily forgiven.

Would you like to try the benefits of the Private spa in a fabulous resort? Book your stay at Forte Village Resort in Sardinia.


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