ayurveda oil massage

Massage with Ayurvedic oils: good for mind and body

When we are feeling tired, stressed and out of energy, it helps to regenerate with an Ayurvedic oils massage.

A massage with Ayurvedic oils not only helps eliminate toxins, it also helps the spirit to find a balance and rejuvenate.

The style and intensity of the massage with Ayurvedic oils depends on the skill of the masseuse, the type of oil and the energies it releases.

When talking about a massage with Ayurvedic oils, it’s important to talk about holistic medicine because more than the body, the mental aspect and emotive sphere are also involved.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a traditional Indian medicine with ancient origins: the first text in which this practice appeared dates back to the V century BC. Unlike western medicine, Vedic medicine has a holistic approach, it considers man in his whole entirety and the curative process doesn’t only concentrate on the one ill organ, it considers necessary to reestablish the balance of the entire body and mind.

In other words, this means the most important thing to do for being well is to live in harmony with the rules of the universe and with our surroundings.

The holistic approach is the basis of all oriental disciplines concerning the wellbeing and balance of mind and body: yoga, meditation and massage techniques.

Whoever performs massages with Ayurvedic oils needs to understand the mechanisms and the needs of the patient, it’s important to know the origin and fundamentals of this practice.

The choice of massage with Ayurvedic oils: the three doshas

To choose the right massage with Ayurvedic oils it is important to know the basics. The ancient Indian way of living was based on the conviction that all life forms, including man, have three doshas: the forms of energy which are combined in different ways and make the individual unique.

Those three forms of energy, called vata, pitta and kapha are present in each person in different ways and quantities. Understanding where these energies are, reactivating and balancing them is the function of a good massage with Ayurvedic oils.

This is why there isn’t a universal way of performing Ayurvedic massages, but there are efficient techniques that make use of all its properties.

How to choose where to have an Ayurvedic massage

Not all Ayurvedic massages are the same, for example having an Ayurvedic massage in the city will not be the same as having one in SPA surrounded by unspoilt nature, just a few steps away from the sea.

We often think that our context, in other words our surroundings, is less important than what we are actually doing.

This is almost never the case, it certainly isn’t if we are having a massage with Ayurvedic oils. Of course having a good masseuse, the right sort of technique and the right oils is important for having good results, but being a holistic treatment, it will be most affective if the atmosphere in which we are receiving the treatment is also relaxing.

A relaxing atmosphere will help us free our mind and prepare us to receive the energies triggered by the massage. An environment full of positive vibrations, capable of making us smile, of making us feel at peace with ourselves and teach us to listen to the needs of our body, with people capable of understanding what kind of massage we really need.

Do you think a place like this only exists in India?

Come and try the Ayurvedic Park at Forte Village Resort, in Sardinia.

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