combattere cellulite

How to eliminate cellulite with Carboxytheraphy

How to eliminate cellulite: what is Carboxytheraphy and how does it work.

Take care of your body, it’s your only home” said Dmanuel James Rohn, know as Jim Rohn, American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker, as he said what has now become a mantra to which we should all be inspired, especially on vacation, the perfect moment for taking care of ourselves and choosing to have an Ayurvedic oil massage, to try the benefits of a thalassotherapy treatment, or even a treatment in the Aesthetic medical center of Forte Village Resort in Sardinia.

Cellulite is a common skin imperfection and, independently from age or weight, it manifests itself with the typical appearance of orange peel. The areas where it occurs most frequently are thighs, buttocks, knees, calves and ankles, it’s caused mostly by water retention, bad circulation, loss of the elasticity of vessels, pathologies of the metabolism or hormonal and lymphatic alterations. Fat deposits in some areas of the body, mostly tummy and waist, also cause the development of cellulite, but it is made much worse with: a sedentary lifestyle, rapid and excessive weight loss, a diet rich of fats and salt, exaggeratedly tight clothing, shoes with heels, stress, smoking and bad posture for example often crossing your legs which has an effect on the blood circulation.

During the 70s, two German researches, Nürnberger and Müller, classified cellulite with a scale ranging from 0 to 3, to demonstrate the various stages of the skin imperfection.

Zero represent the absence of cellulite, number one refers to smooth skin with a few signs of the imperfection, number two indicates the presence of inward bending features visible without a manual compression of the skin and number three indicates a severe presence of features in stage two and the presence of nodes.

How to eliminate cellulite? There are many treatments to reduce the imperfection and one of these is very effective Carboxytheraphy. Let’s discover together what is Carboxytherapy and what are the effects of the aesthetic medical treatment used in the Aesthetic medical center at Forte Village.

How to eliminate cellulite: Carboxytheraphy at Forte Village Resort

How to fight cellulite and the skin alteration that affects mostly women, but also not forgiving to some men, is a question many of us have been asking our selves. Before making drastic decisions for example following a restrictive diet or having surgery, we can choose to try the benefits of an aesthetic medical treatment which reduces cellulite with the administration of CO2: Carboxytheraphy.

Carboxytherapy was first used in France in thermal centers, it began to be used as a therapy in 1932 in the Royat a Clermont-Ferrand thermal springs, but the term Carboxytherapy was only used in 1995 in occasion of the XVI National Congress of aesthetic medicine of the Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine. The treatment stimulates oxygen in the tissues with the administration of CO2 on the face and body derma, stimulating the production of collagen fibers and making the skin appear toned, elastic and luminous.

Carboxytherapy therefore uses properties of carbon dioxide with subcutaneous injections performed with very fine needles, acting directly on the areas affected by the imperfection and reactivates the microcirculation making the skin appear more beautiful and healthy.

Carboxytherapy at Forte Village Resort is part of the offer at the Center of Aesthetic Medicine which also includes innovative treatments like Sculpsure, a non-invasive system to remodel the body, Velashape which defines, models and slims the silhouette, Ultherapy, a non-surgical lifting done with micro filtered ultrasounds, and Palmoar for Hair removal, a hair removal treatment for the bikini area. Dr.Regina Fortunato coordinates the team at the aesthetic medical center at Forte Village during the summer, she is a specialist in aesthetic and plastic surgery.

Discover the benefits of the Carboxytherapy treatment, choose to have your vacation at Forte Village Resort in Sardinia.


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