Dr Bauhofer

Dr Bauhofer: at Forte Village Resort the Ayurvedic specialist

Dr Bauhofer, Ayurvedic specialist comes to Forte Village

The ideal vacation is that magical and exciting moment in which discovery meets relaxation of the body and mind with special wellbeing treatments such as those offered at the Acquaforte Thalasso and Spa at the Forte Village Resort where Dr Bauhofer will welcome guests from the 21st July to Friday 26th July 2019 and on Sunday 3rd August to Friday 9th August 2019.

Dr Bauhofer is one of the most important Ayurvedic specialists outside of India and is co-founder of Yoou, he is considered a star in holistic practices and in the management of energy and stress. That’s not all, Ulrich Bauhofer was one of the first doctors in the western world to contribute to the scientific fundamentals of Ayurvedic medicine.

One of the most famous holistic treatments is the massage with Ayurvedic oils, but what is the Indian Ayurvedic medicine exactly? Let’s discover together the secrets of medicine which has more than five thousand years of history.

History of Indian Ayurvedic medicine

Now famous all over the world, Ayurveda is traditional Indian medicine with very ancient origins, the word is formed by Ayur meaning longevity, and Veda meaning revealed consciousness. It is a medicine that bases its principles on the knowledge of the body and its link with the spirit because a healthy long life is the result of harmony of the body, environment, and soul.
We must not think of Ayurveda as a medical practice to cure an illness because it is a large system of which the prevention aspect has a fundamental role so to guarantee a long life and improve your health with full respect of your whole body.
The first documentation on Ayurvedic Indian medicine can be found in the Carakasaṃhitā, a document written during the Empire of Kanishka, it contains up to five hundred medical principles, but with a closer look, we can see that the origins of Ayurvedic medicine are deeply tied to Indian mythology where it would seem that this antique medical system is connected to Brahma, the divinity that created the universe.
Legend says the principles of Ayurveda where created by the divinity that decided to donate the “science of life” to their son Prajapati, the god of creatures and protector of life. The Heritage then passed from Prajapati to the ancient Ashwin Dakhsha and then to god Indra who gave them to his four disciples: Bharadvaja, Atreya, Kasyapa, and Dhanvantari in order to relieve human suffering.
According to the principles of Ayurveda, the body is formed by three doshas, which are three vital energies, the balance, or lack thereof, influence the body’s health. Each dosha is formed by two elements called panca-mahabhutani, and determined qualities called guna.

The three doshas are recognized with three names:

  • Vats: made of space, akasha, and air, vāyu. This dosha is connected to everything concerning the human body’s movement, like breathing and circulation. It is located in the colon and among its quality there is freshness, dryness, lightness, thinness, mobility, roughness, fluidity, sharpness and hardness.
  • Pitta: made of fire, tejas, and water, jala, it is the dosha that concerns physical and mental digestion. It resides in the small intestine and it’s qualities are lightness, heat, thinness, mobility, sharpness, softness, smoothness and fluidity.
  • Kapha: is the dosha made of water, jala, and earth, prithvi, it’s connected to cohesion and body flows. It’s qualities are: coldness, heavy ness, humidity, stability, softness, opacity, smoothness and density.
    Why use Ayurvedic medicine? Among the benefits there is the reduction of stress and anxiety, regaining health faster after an illness, help in weight loss and maintaining the physique. Ayurveda also helps to reduce abdominal swelling, it reduces insomnia, it is a positive influence for hormonal balance and it purifies the organism making skin more healthy and luminous.

Dr Bauhofer: the Ayurveda Deluxe program at Forte Village

At Forte Village, the principles of holistic medicine are at the base of the Ayurvedic Deluxe program which involves a series of one-to-one consultations and meditation courses with Dr Bauhofer, the recognized specialist at the international level, who will take care of our guests at the Acquaforte Thalasso & Spa.
Besides being one of the most famous international specialists, Dr Bauhofer is also an important master of transcendental meditation, a meditation technique used by Peter Lindbergh, David Lynch, Cameron Diaz, Sting, Paul McCartney, Oprah Winfrey, Ray Dallio, Katy Perry, Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman.
Dr Bauhofer not only created the biggest Ayurvedic clinic in Europe, he has also cured over fifteen thousand patients and has thirty seven years of experience which is now available for our guests as he accompanies them in courses with the objective of holistic harmony, of both our energy and our body, with an approach tailored to the needs of each individual.

Would you like to be surrounded by the beauty of the Sardinian sea and have an unforgettable vacation in a true paradise full of relaxing, wellness, and flavor? Discover Forte Village Resort In Sardinia.

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