cavallino della giara

The suggestive Giara di Gesturi in the heart of Sardinia

Giara di Gesturi: a wonderful corner of Sardinia Sardinia is an island rich in naturalistic treasures. Among the unmissable places to visit there is certainly Giara di Gesturi. Giara di Gesturi, or Sa Jara Manna, is a basalt plateau in the central-southern part of the island. It is located west of the Gulf of Oristano, between Marmilla, Trexenta, Sarcidano and Arborea, about 60 km from Cagliari. The name ‘Giara’ derives from the Latin ...

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perché ballare fa bene alla salute?

The benefits of dance on body and mind

Why is dancing good for mental and physical health? Dance is one of the best allies of health. In fact, its beneficial effects on body and mind help to regain psychophysical harmony. Dancing is not only a fun activity but also a healthy one. This is also demonstrated by the study “Influencing Self-rated health among adolescent girls with dance intervention”. This study, coordinated by physiotherapist Anna Duberg of the Örebro University Hospital ...

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settimana santa sardegna

Sa chida santa: the rites of Holy Week in Sardinia

Easter in Sardinia: a tradition between faith, charm and mystery Visiting the island during Holy Week is a unique opportunity to discover 400 years old traditions. In fact, in Sardinia the rites of Holy Week (in Sardinian, Sa Chida Santa) date back to the 17th century. That was a period of Spanish domination. That’s why they mix ancient mystical-religious customs (in the Campidanese, Logudorese and Barbagia regions) with Iberian traditions. The result is ...

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