Forte Village Triathlon: dall’Accademia alle gare di ottobre

Forte Village Triathlon: from the Academy to the October races

Forte Village Triathlon: October’s events

Experience the emotions of Triathlon along with great champions in a unique location.

Triathlon, an epic multi-sport discipline that combines swimming, cycling and running, requires rigorous physical and mental preparation, combined with a thorough understanding of the rules and distances to ensure safe and fair competition.

The combination of three different sports specialties allows athletes to find gratification in overcoming their limits and competing against themselves and their challengers: Triathlon can thus become an extraordinary life experience.

To better understand what it is in the specific, here is an overview of types, distances and basic rules.

The main types of Triathlon

The main types of Triathlon are:

  • Sprint Triathlon: an excellent starting point for beginners that consists of 750 meters of swimming, 20 kilometres of cycling and 5 kilometres of running.
  • Olympic Triathlon: also known as Standard Triathlon, it involves 1,500 meters of swimming, 40 kilometres of cycling and 10 kilometres of running. This distance is the official one for the Olympic Games.
  • Medium Triathlon: includes distances that exceed the Olympic but do not reach the distance of the Ironman and those can vary greatly. An example would be 1.9 kilometres of swimming, 90 kilometres of cycling and 21.1 kilometres of running.
  • Ironman Triathlon: It is the longest and most challenging of all, known for its extreme challenges. Athletes must swim 3.8 kilometres, complete 180 kilometres of cycling and finish with a marathon of 42.2 kilometres.

The Essential Rules of Triathlon

In the world of Triathlon, it is essential to observe the rules and understand the distances let’s take a look in more detail.

One of the key disciplines of Triathlon is open-water swimming. During this stage, athletes must follow the specific rules of swimming, wearing swimsuits or wetsuits that comply with the rules established by the competition.

Swimming on the backstroke is prohibited, and any inappropriate physical contact may lead to disqualification.

Transitions between disciplines are critical moments.

In fact, athletes must organise their equipment in a designated area, the so-called “transition area”: here, they follow strict rules to switch from swimming to cycling equipment and, subsequently, from cycling to running.

The mandatory use of a helmet during the cycling phase is crucial for safety and the efficient management of transitions can make the difference between good and mediocre performance.

Course signage is another key aspect of Triathlon: routes must be marked correctly to guide athletes in the right direction and avoid confusion or unauthorized shortcuts, which can lead to penalties or disqualifications.

Ethical behaviour is just as important.

Athletes must respect ethical and sporting rules, avoiding unsportsmanlike or dangerous behaviours.

For example, “drafting”, i.e. exploiting the air vacuum created by another cyclist to save energy, is prohibited in some races, while in others it is only allowed in certain situations.

Finally, attention to detail should not be missing: different Triathlon competitions may have specific rules regarding equipment, clothing and timing.

Forte Village Triathlon: The Most Exciting Academy

In the fascinating setting of Santa Margherita di Pula, where the crystalline sea of Sardinia caresses the soft and white sand, the award-winning Forte Village Resort offers the opportunity to both experienced triathletes and those who wish to approach the discipline to train alongside the great champions in one of the most unique locations in the world.

In fact, you will swim in the crystal-clear sea, cycle along the beautiful south-west coast and cross the lush Mediterranean vegetation, the perfect environment to experience all the thrill of this exciting sport.

Group lessons are held from Monday to Friday, in the morning and in the afternoon, while private lessons are activated on request.

Athletes need to be at least 14 years old.

On 21th and 22nd October the Forte Village Triathlon returns with the Sprint and Duathlon Kids races

Autumn means sports and competitions at Forte Village: in fact, along with the ITF Tennis Tournaments that will be staged from September 18th to October 30th, the Forte Village Triathlon hosts again after 4 years, on October 21st and 22nd, the Sprint and Duathlon Kids competitions for a dynamic weekend full of events for the whole family such as ecological walk, Padel Tennis tournament, Ride with the champion and Go-Kart Grand Prix.

The Sprint race includes a swimming fraction of 750 meters in the crystal-clear waters of Forte Village, a single ride of 20 kilometres to be covered by bike along the streets of Santa Margherita, ending by running the last 5 kilometres in the lush park of the resort.

A spectacular test for the lovers of this multi-discipline and a fantastic opportunity to debut in a triathlon race (a specific medical certificate is required for competitive activity).

In the Duathlon Kids instead, children aged 6 to 15 will measure themselves on different distances depending on the category.

The registration fee is 90 euros (includes: bib, race pack, BBQ).

BBQ fee for accompanying people is 32 euros.

Forte Village Resort: the temple of sport and perfect holidays

Those who love to practice sports and stay in shape even during their holidays, will find their perfect place at Forte Village, an authentic temple of well-being and sport.

The resort has a wide and renowned range of Sports Academies to meet the needs of adults and children. It also offers the chance to experience new disciplines and train together with the great international champions as happens, for example, in the case of Tennis, Fencing and Bike Academy.

In addition, guests can be enchanted by the fabulous location, experience the benefits of the exclusive wellness treatments of the Acquaforte Talasso & Spa, taste the traditional dishes and the most sought after of national and international cuisine, and go shopping in the most prestigious boutiques: in short, live a truly perfect holiday in Sardinia.

Would you like to practice Triathlon and enjoy a dream holiday in a true paradise? Discover Forte Village Resort in Sardinia

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