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Hockey in Sardinia: at Forte Village you can

Playing hockey is one of the best and fun sports for those that love team games.

When talking about hockey, the first thing that comes to mind is the sport on ice, famous in Northern Europe, especially in Scotland. If you think about Sardinia the main things coming to mind are sunny landscapes and wild nature, a place where the summer season never seems to end and it would seem difficult to be able to do a sport like hockey, which is different from the usual water sports.

Nonetheless, in Sardinia, there is a place where apart from snorkeling, swimming, playing football or tennis, you can also practice you hockey skills: Forte Village.

How is it possible one can play Hockey in Sardinia?

It’s simple, all you have to do is think of hockey not only as a sport to be done on ice but also on a lawn.

In fact, originally this sport was performed on grass, not on the ice. Hockey on a lawn and hockey on ice have been developed independently, but they both give great satisfaction especially if done with beautiful surroundings like the suggestive landscapes of Sardinia.

The rules are similar for both, the only difference is the environment therefore the necessary equipment. Whichever genre played the fundamentals remain the same: two teams competing against each other by trying to push a ball or disc into the adversary net by using a stick.

One is not more important than the other, they are both Olympic Games: hockey on ice (during the winter) and hockey on grass (during the summer).

Why learn to play hockey?

Among all sports, why choose to play hockey?

Like all team sports, hockey helps children and teenagers learn that there are rules to be respected, that sometimes you win and sometimes you loose and also playing as a team gives you a better chance of winning.

But it’s not only the advantages of being a team sport to make you choose hockey on grass, but this game also has ancient origins, in fact, it was played by the Persians and is very similar to football: 11 players on the field with well defined roles and winning by doing the most points during a match.

This is one of the reasons for which it’s one of the most popular sports, loved by children and teenagers, a bit like football players, hockey on grass champions are considered true idols by young practitioners of this sport.

Also playing with a golden couple of hockey Katie (Gold Olympic medal) and Helen (MBE) Richardson – Walsh or with GeorgieTwigg (MBE 2016 Gold Medal at Rio) and two time Olympic champion Dan Fox, is a dream that can come true at Forte Village Resort in Sardinia.

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