Maritime Pine: a tree donating its name to a very special Hotel

Maritime Pine: the Mediterranean landscape which sorrounds the luxurious Hotel Pineta at Forte Village Resort

The beauty of unspoilt nature has always been a limitless source of knowledge, creativity and inspiration for mankind, who has described it with romantic poems, famous paintings, unforgettable soundtracks, elegant textile creations and indoor and outdoor decorations.

The Mediterranean landscape is one of the most beautiful in the world partly because of the presence of maritime pine, a tree which has given its name to the refined 5 star hotel at Forte Village Resort in Sardinia. 

Maritime pine: characteristics and properties

A typical plant belonging to the Mediterranean flora, the maritime pine is botanically known as Pinus Pinaster. It is an evergreen tree belonging to the Pinaceae family, it can grow up to 30-40 m in height, the young trees appear with a light bark and their foliage forms a conical shape with branches curving towards the sky. The older trees have a more greyish bark and the foliage appears initially in the shape of a pyramid and later results in the shape of an umbrella. The leaves are like needles, more or less 12 to 25 cm long, 2 mm thick and quite rigid, the margins appear indented and the distinctive colour ranges from light to glaucous green.

If rubbed between the fingers, the maritime pine needles release an intense fragrance, unlike the umbrella pine which is often confused with the Pinaster, and has a fragrance so strong it is nicknamed the pine nut pine tree.

The tree symbolises eternity and immortality, it’s connected to the legend of Attis and the ancient cult of Dionysus. Story says the resin produced by the plant and extracted from its trunk was used to improve, but mostly preserve, wine. In ancient Greece and Japan, maritime pine wood was used for building temples and instruments used during religious practices, mostly weddings. In China the significance of the wood was also connected to longevity. Another story says how maritime pine wood protected Mary and Joseph while they were walking towards Bethlehem and, to shelter them from the snow, the tree extended its branches forming its umbrella like canopy. Before continuing her travels, Mary blessed the pine tree for protecting her and from then on the plant became evergreen with a foliage creating the shape of an umbrella.

The marine tree has beneficial properties also used in ancient times, its essential oil is used in physiotherapy for its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antioxidant effect, it cleans and purifies the air, helps breathing and is used to treat illnesses like bronchitis and tracheitis.

Hypocrites recommended the essential oil of maritime pine for curing lung problems and throat infections. Pliny meticulously described the therapeutic properties and recommended its use for pathologies concerning the respiratory system. Pine needles were used in common medicine for making warm baths with a balsamic affect.

At Forte Village Resort the perfumed maritime pine trees surround the Hotel Pineta, a five star hotel part of the rich offer of accommodations for those dreaming of an unforgettable stylish vacation.

pino marittimo l'albero del paesaggio mediterraneo

Maritime Pine: the Hotel Pineta at Forte Village Resort

Surrounded by ancient trees, the Hotel Pineta at Forte Village is one of the elegant luxury 5 star hotels of the resort, a joyful oasis immersed in the Mediterranean fragrances and natural beauty just a few minutes walk from the beach and the Acquaforte Spa.

Laid out on two floors which face onto a luminous court, the hotel is a refined structure in the shape of a horse shoe, a tribute to Mediterranean architecture. It has double and triple rooms, with bathrooms having shower and bathtub, patio or balcony, making it the perfect solution for families who seek to go on vacation in Sardinia. Also, for parents wanting to give their little girls a special treat, if required it’s possible to upgrade with a supplement for a Barbie™ deco.

The luxurious Deluxe Family Room is an elegant and welcoming room on the ground floor and has a night area with double bed or single beds, bathroom with bathtub and shower, patio and private garden. Some of the bedroom are also connected internally or externally through the patio. On the first floor there is the Superior Terrace Room, comprising of one bedroom with double bed or two single beds, a bathroom with shower and bathtub and a view of the garden.

Breakfast is served at the Ristorante Cavalieri or at Ristorante Bellavista facing the sea or alternatively in the Ristorante Pineta, one of the many restaurants at Forte Village Resort.

Are you dreaming of an unforgettable vacation in a unique and special location? Book you accommodation at Forte Village Resort in Sardinia.


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