Italian Michelin starred chef: the cuisine of Massimiliano Mascia

Italian Michelin starred chef: Massimiliano Mascia from Imola to Sardinia

Going on vacation means discovering places where unspoiled nature rules the land, where you can learn about traditions and folk festivities, breathe-in culture and history, but most of all it means going to a place to slow down, to taste delicious authentic dishes like those prepared by Italian Michelin star chef Massimiliano Mascia who brings the excellence of cuisine from the Romagna region to Forte Village Resort.

Massimiliano’s story began in San Domenico, at the restaurant in Imola established in 1970 where at just was just 14 years old he cultivated his passion for cooking and alternated his studies at the hotel school with working with his first mentors: his uncles Natale and Valentino. At the end of his studies he embarked on an adventure to meet great names of national and international fame. At first, he worked in Italy at the Ristoranti Vissani and at the Romano in Viareggio, then he went abroad to work at the Osteria Fiamma in New York, at the Bastide Saint Antoine in Grasse and at Plaza Athenée in Paris with the king of cooking Alain Ducasse.

Studying new techniques and flavors, challenging his limits and testing his capacities, Massimiliano Mascia gathered many secrets of haute cuisine which he describes as this: “In the United States I learned to work at elevated rhythms and I understood the importance of work organization. In France, I deepened the technique of cooking and understood the importance of gastronomical value and history. In Italy, I attentively studied the ingredients which have no comparison in the world in terms of quality”

The ingredients are without a doubt the protagonist in the creations of Massimiliano Mascia, today he represents the new generation at the restaurant San Domenico and unites love with Italian gastronomical traditions, research of innovative flavors which respects the seasonality of each element.

chef Massimiliano Mascia

Italian Michelin starred chef: the importance of prime quality ingredients for Massimiliano Mascia

Forte Village is home to great chefs and among them is the double Michelin starred chef Massimiliano Mascia, born and grown-up at the restaurant San Domenico in Imola, now a reference for Italian cuisine and protagonist of the book “ Il San Domenico di Imola. Piatti e sogni di un cuoco tra le stelle”.

Having respect for tradition without renouncing the need to innovate and renew oneself is Massimiliano Mascia’s clear idea on which he has based his professionalism, the importance of seasonal and local products is at the center of his creativity, the value of each ingredients is fundamental to exalt the fragrance, color and flavor of each dish.

Every creation has a classical touch mixed with inspiration, creativity and the attention to detail, a perfectly balanced tribute to nature which allows each ingredient to be recognized without alteration or excess.

It is in this way the dishes create original menus and become great classics, for example, the egg in Raviolo “San Domenico” with Malga butter, sweet Parmesan and seasonal truffle; also the fresh pasta stuffed with guinea fowl and Savoy cabbage with Masala and black truffle. Also, the summer dishes made with the objective of valorizing seasonal products and the proximity of the sea.

Try the cuisine of Massimiliano Mascia in a dream location, come and discover Forte Village Resort in Sardinia.


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