Champagnerie: an exclusive and refined place

Champagnerie: a brief history of the origins of champagne

The champagnerie at Forte Village, an award-winning resort surrounded by the beautiful Sardinian sea, is an exclusive and refined place that offers a selection of the best champagne, a French sparkling wine to Appellation d’origine contrôlée (literally, denomination of controlled origin).

Famous all over the world and associated with the idea of luxury and party, champagne takes its name from the historical province in France, in the Grand East region where it is produced with the traditional method or method of fermentation in a bottle, a process of sparkling wine production which consists in the refermentation of wines in a bottle, adding specific sugars and yeasts (liqueur de tirage).

Several theories have been formulated on the origins of champagne and the most accredited is that related to Benedictine abbot Dom Pierre Pérignon, a French Christian monk who in the abbey of Saint-Pierre d’Hautvillers, north of Épernay, would have invented sparkling wine and would have been the first to use cork stoppers, instead of tow and melted wax, to cap bottles. Today, a variety of champagne bears his name.

However, we must remember the wines of the Champagne region were known since the Middle Ages and were mainly produced by monks of the numerous abbeys in the region who used it as a mass wine. Even the French rulers particularly appreciated these fine and light wines which were usually offered as a tribute to the other European royalty.

Champagne was invented by chance from an error that occurred during the vinification process of some white wines that caused the burst of some bottles ageing in the cellar. According to this version, the error would have led to the discovery of the “foam intake” by the abbot.

Another hypothesis states that Dom Pierre Pérignon added some peach flowers and sugar in spring to make the wine more agreeable, then capped the bottle with wooden corks of truncated conical shape: when the bottle was opened it would make the foam.

A third argument is that the winegrowers who used Pinot grapes to vinify realized that the wine obtained aged badly in barrels, therefore decided to bottle it immediately after fermentation. Inside the bottles, the wine kept the aromas but became sparkling.

Over the centuries, the growing popularity of champagne has led to the birth of numerous anecdotes: for example, it is said that Dom Pérignon was an expert wine taster (in reality he was abstemious) and that at the point of death would reveal the secret recipe of champagne (which it was not because it was only a simple indication, that is, add sugar and a mixture of liqueurs to wine).

The legend has it that the shape of the glass in which the champagne was served was modelled to the perfect shape of the breast of Madame de Pompadour, the favourite of King Louis XV, or perhaps of Diana of Poitiers, lover of Henry II of France.

Champagnerie at Forte Village: an elegant and refined location

The champagnerie is a sophisticated and welcoming environment from which you can enjoy the best night view on the square and its nightlife while sipping a good glass of bubbly.

What’s better than relaxing after dinner in a wonderful place under the stars accompanied by great music? At Forte Village, guests can enjoy a complete experience from morning to evening and conclude a day of relaxation and fun in one of the 14 bars with their selection of quality cocktails and spirits.

Nestled in an enchanting natural park of 50 hectares and surrounded by one of the most beautiful seas in the world, Forte Village is located in one of the most beautiful corners of the southern coast of the island and boasts a unique and inimitable offer throughout the Mediterranean basin.

The affordable luxury resort is the perfect destination for couples, families and groups of friends and offers different accommodation solutions that can meet the guest’s various needs: from the elegant 8 hotels of five or four stars to the elegant luxury suites and 13 villas, a wonderful oasis of privacy and beauty with extra services, such as a butler, chef or chauffeur.

To allow its guests to stay in safety, well-being while having fun, Forte Village has applied since June 2020 a Covid Protection Protocol that in 2021 was further strengthened with the use of the latest generation of antigenic texts.

The new Covid Protection Protocol is just one of the novelties of the 2021 season which guarantees the possibility of booking any of the following features without worries: the Spa Experience packages and exclusive programs such as the Weight Loss, the new partnership with Barbara Sturm, the Doctor of the stars, the Climbing Academy, just to mention one of the resort’s numerous sports Academy, and the 21 restaurants available in high season, where guests can enjoy the cuisine of great international chefs such as Heinz Bec, Massimiliano Mascia and Andrea Berton.

Do you want to have a dream holiday in a true paradise? Discover the Forte Village Resort in Sardinia


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