News 2021 Forte Village: the perfect destination for a dream holiday

News 2021 Forte Village: discovering the resort surrounded by nature

Forte Village, an award-winning resort in Santa Margherita di Pula in the province of Cagliari“>Cagliari, is the perfect destination for an unforgettable trip in the name of nature, wellness and fun.

The affordable luxury resort, nestled in an enchanting natural park of 50 hectares and surrounded by the beautiful “>Sardinian sea, boasts a unique and inimitable offer throughout the Mediterranean basin and in recent years, thanks to an investment of about 50 million euros, has given shape to a fabulous project of total restyling and upgrading of all services.

Located in one of the most beautiful corners of the South Coast of the island, Forte Village offers different accommodation solutions that can meet the various needs of guests: 8 elegant hotels of five and four stars, refined luxury suites and 13 “>villas, an oasis of privacy and beauty with extra services, such as a butler, chef or chauffeur.

The introduction of the “>Covid Protection Protocol in 2020 created a bubble within the resort to allow guests to regain normality and enjoy their holiday in total relaxation, aware that all people within the hotel, including employees, had been tested.
For the new season, Forte Village aims to make its guests feel even safer and protected with an upgrade of the protocol that includes the use of nasopharyngeal antigenic test and, if necessary, molecular test based on
The Covid Protection Protocol is just one of the many 2021 novelties at Forte Village: let’s discover what other innovations there are at the resort where everything is possible.

News 2021 Forte Village: a dream location for an unforgettable holiday

Forte Village Resort is the destination within the destination, and with its unparalleled offer and exclusive accommodation solutions, it can meet the different needs of couples, families and groups of friends.

Here are the novelties of season 2021 that make the resort the ideal destination for a holiday of safety, well-being and fun:

• Covid Protection Protocol 2021: studied in detail, has allowed monitoring the total absence of cases throughout the last season. In 2021 it was further strengthened with the use of the latest generation antigenic texts so that guests could have a memorable holiday in peace;
• Book without worries: cancellation is free up to 8 or 15 days before arrival, depending on the period. For further protection, guests can take advantage of the travel insurance of Forte Village not to give up an unforgettable experience;
• Overlooking a breathtaking beach: the iconic beach of the resort is about to return to its original splendour thanks to a significant expansion project that will further develop its extension;
• Strengthening the immune system: in addition to the Spa Experience packages and exclusive programs such as Weight Loss, the team of specialists at Acquaforte Thalasso & Spa has developed two new solutions to strengthen the immune system and restart with renewed vitality: Immuno Detox and Immuno Anti-age programs;

• New partnership with Barbara Sturm: Barbara Sturm, the most famous specialist in the field of skincare, beauty guru of actresses, models and celebrities, arrive at the Acquaforte Spa with an exclusive offer of facial treatments made with the line of products Barbara Sturm Molecular Cosmetics for a revitalized and rejuvenated skin;
• Celebrity Chef: Forte Village also stands out for the quality and variety of food it offers its guests, a real gastronomic journey to discover the most interesting flavours and trends of Italian cuisine and the rest of the world. Thanks to the best Italian and international chefs, such as Heinz Beck, Massimiliano Mascia, Andrea Berton, the guests of the resort will enjoy an unforgettable sensory experience at each bite and choose from a selection of 21 restaurants available in high season;
• The Climbing Academy: to the already rich and varied offer of the Sports Academy of the resort is added the new Climbing Academy, where children and adults can experience the thrill of learning and practising this exciting sport.

Do you want to experience a dream holiday full of taste, wellness and fun? Discover the Forte Village Resort in Sardinia.

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