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Diving in Sardinia: 10 reasons to choose this island

Diving in Sardinia: all the magic of diving at Forte Village

There are some people who really can’t give up their physical activity when they are on vacation. Diving in Sardinia is one of the best water sports for adults who want to maintain their physical shape and for children wanting to jump in to the crystalline sea surrounding Forte Village, the award-winning Resort in Santa Margherita di Pula, province of Cagliari, south Sardinia.

Diving in Sardinia means discovering the seabeds in-between rocks, corals, porifers, scorpion fish, octopus and the characteristic Mediterranean marine flora.

Man once dived into the sea in apnoea to gather food, but now we have perfected this act with the necessary equipment to stay under water for longer times and have made this sport very common.

There are three types of diving:

  1. Sport diving, a recreational activity done by diving passionates
  2. Technical diving which requires an advanced training
  3. Professional or commercial diving for Technical Diving Operators of the Port Authority. Another distinction can be made based on the kind of equipment, identifying two ways of doing diving: diving in apnoea and diving with rebreather.

The equipment while doing scuba diving includes:

  • mask
  • Suit
  • Sinker
  • Snorkel
  • Flippers
  • Marker buoy
  • Torch
  • Knife

When diving with a rebreather the correct equipment is:

  • Oxygen tank
  • Dispender
  • Pressure gauge
  • Depth gauge
  • Watch or underwater computer
  • Vest with variable weight
  • Decompression charts

There are many benefits for the body and mind by doing underwater activities: a better physical condition, more flexibility and strength, contact with nature and making friends.

Scuba diving in Sardinia is a unique experience and we will tell you ten reasons that make this island in the heart of the Mediterranean the perfect diving place for all generations.

Diving in Sardinia: ten reasons that make the island the perfect destination.

Lovers of the sea and everyone wanting to discover the treasure below sea level cannot but try diving in Sardinia. We will tell you the ten reasons to choose this island which according to Plato was the legendary land of Atlantis.

The water: the extraordinary sea of Sardinia is the first reason that diving passionates should choose this island as their vacation destination. The clear and transparent water reflects the blue shades of the sky like a mirror.

Marine Fauna: diving into the sea around the island also means discovering the fascinating marine fauna living in one of the most beautiful seas of the world: donzellas, salps, saragos, black thrushes, loggerhead sea turtles, sea horses, star fish and many more species.

Posidonia oceanica: among the beauties of the delicate marine ecosystem of the Sardinian sea, there is Posidonia oceanica, a plant that creates underwater meadows of great ecological importance and contributes in maintaining the water clean.

Submerged caves: Italy is one of the places with the highest number of caves partially or completely filled with water. In Sardinia there is the famous Grotta Nereo, the largest in the Mediterranean, also the Grotta dei Cervi is a very important fossil field of Megacero.

Protected Marine areas: the protected marine areas in Sardinia, or A.M.P, are truly natural paradises, perfect for scuba divers. The protected marine area is defined by a specific regulation of the activities with the objective of saving the biodiversity of the zone.

Historical seabeds: the suggestive seabeds are home to ancient stories. In fact there are numerous and fascinating wrecks from a far away time in which men would attempt to challenge the waves going towards new horizons to be discovered.

Red coral:coral has the beauty of a rose, the color of blood, the cleanness of a crystal, the heat of fire” said Italian writer Vittorio Giovanni Rossi as he described the marvelous Corallium rubrum as being one of the most important treasures of the island.

Enchanted beaches: long expanses of soft white sand warmed by the Sardinian sun reveal shades of gold and pink. The beaches of Sardinia are surrounded by the fragrances of the Mediterranean vegetation, they are truly a work of art to be admired before diving into the marvelous blue water.

Diving for kids: diving is a sport activity also for children and teenagers who can have fun doing physical activity and learn to protect the marine environment and its delicate ecosystem.

New friends: Sardinia is a favorite for the diving community. Who chooses this island as their vacation destination will undoubtedly make new friends with other enthusiasts with whom they can explore the beautiful underwater world.

Would you like to discover the sea of Sardinia and it’s beauty to experience an unforgettable vacation in a paradise full of healthcare, relaxation and flavors? Come visit Forte Village Resort In Sardinia.


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